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Rubber Machine
Hydraulic Rubber Press


Hydraulic Rubber Press


NC-PH02 are made of high quality steel and steel casting in one piece molding,
and use high pressure oil circulation, lower breakdown & higher production capacity.

The press can manufacturing:

  • Rubber foam sheet
  • Single & multicolor rubber soles
  • EVA movable insole
  • Oil seal ring & oil packing forming
  • Various rubber products products molding
  • Bakelite pieces
  • Fiber wooden door embossing
  • Brake lining
  • Melamine dinner set
  • Urea articles
  • EVA foam tire
  • Bottle plugs
  • Drawer of milk
  • Auto parts
  • Pacifier medical

  • The series machines made of high quality steel plate & FC 45 steel casting molding. Never crack & change shape.
  • Divided control boxes or matching user's demand to set sperately operately.
  • Movement of machine body: Rapid, silent & running smooth.
  • Bumping times & bumping timing can be setted. At the meaning time which can be manual operated test for user convinece.
  • Pressure-relief, air drainage & lowering...etc can be separately adjusted without being controled by time or to pre-setting continued actions of full-automatic.
  • Oil hydraulic concentrated circuit: few wiring and branching wire is few, too. It is with a cooler to maintain oil temperature & pressure balance. The oil never leak and machine's body's serving life can be lengthened.
  • With emergency lowering switch, immediate brake can be made for light touch to protect the safety of operators dies and finished productions.
Style No
Operating mode
Steam Heating
Electrical Heating
Size of Plate
460x460 m/m
460x460 m/m
610x610 m/m
610x610 m/m
Number of Layers
1-4 Layers
1-4 Layers
Number of Station
1-6 Stations
1-6 Stations
Daylight Between
Hot Plates
125-200 m/m
125-200 m/m
125 Tons
125 Tons
10 HP
10+5 HP
Heating Source
Steam Boiler
18 kws
Oil Vol. Approx
980 Liter
980 Liter

Standard Component:

  • Additional heating plates for each plates.
  • Mould taking cart.
  • Mould taking plate.
  • Emergency stop system.
  • Temperature control system (for electric heating only)
  • Auto. bumping system (for full-auto system)
  • The press auto. go down/up system (for full-auto system)

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


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