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Splitting EVA, sponge, cork and reclamation leather, must be split by the Splitting Machine to get uniform thikness.
1. All parts of the important structure are made of strong cast iron. Its stress has been removed through storage process for preventing main body distortion for maintaining the operation precision and longer service life.
2. Cutter wheel and the feeding main shaft are with bearings instead of the traditional cooper alloy bases.
3. Cutter holding palte:used are the tungstenstel plates for strong wearing and hardness.The service life is 10 times stronger than the general heat-treated steel plates. Hight precision.
4. Thickness adjuster:With precision newest digital thickness setting adjuster. High precision and easy operation.
Item / Mode NC-412-60 NC-412-72
Splitting Width 60" 72"
Speed of Knife 120ft/min 120ft/min
Capacity Perhour 80 sheets 80 sheets
Power Required 14HP 14HP
Size 3500 x 1600 x 1100 mm 3800 x 1600 x 1100 mm
Net Weight 3000kg 3500kg
Gross Weight 4300 kg 4900 kg
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