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Hydraulic Molding Press – 4 Column Type
FC Series 4-Column Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press-150 Tons

FC Series 4-Column Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press


Suitable for metal stamping, cutting, hot and cold pressing, bending, powder molding, brick molding and fiberglass molding.
  • It moves up and down firmly with four-pillar structure.
  • Cast iron piston has strong pressure proof and longer life.
  • Setting of proportional oil is adjustable; you can control speed of machine stroke.
  • Setting of proportional pressure is adjustable; you can control piston pressure of the machine.
  • It has a security door lever to protect the safety of operators.
  • Start with both hands - manual / automatic button to ensure safety of operators.
  • Cooling device is equipped in hydraulic system, increasing life of hydraulic system.
  • It has a Touch Screen and manually operated system.
    - You can precisely set and monitor time, flow, electric heating and pressure of machine on Touch Screen (HMI).
    - Manual operation: For ways to fix mold and testing.
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