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Hydraulic Molding Press – 4 Column Type
FC Series 4-Column Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press-200 Tons

FCD Series 4-Column Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press


FCD Series 4-Column Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press suitable for stainless steel deep drawing / dark twisted lead parts,
car and motorcycle sheet metal, stainless steel sink forming,
basin, parts, cement carts molding,
buckets, stainless steel tray, gas tank, all sheet metal stamping, deep drawing molding, pumping lead processing
metal stamping, cutting, hot and cold pressing, bending, powder molding, brick molding and fiberglass molding.
  • It moves up and down firmly with four-pillar structure.
  • White cast iron piston has strong pressure proof and longer life.
  • Setting of proportional oil is adjustable; you can control speed of machine stroke.
  • Setting of proportional pressure is adjustable; you can control piston pressure of the machine.
  • It has a security door lever to protect the safety of operators.
  • Start with both hands - manual / automatic button to ensure safety of operators.
  • Cooling device is equipped in hydraulic system, increasing life of hydraulic system.
  • It has a Touch Screen and manually operated system.
    - You can precisely set and monitor time, flow, electric heating and pressure of machine on Touch Screen (HMI).
    - Manual operation: For ways to fix mold and testing.
  • Small cylinder assists stretching, which can enhance parallel stability of sliders / briquette.
  • You can take stamping drawing objects quickly with the ejection device.
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